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Madi's Workshops

Madi at workMadi is a fun-loving, high-energy person. Teaching has always been her first love: Over the past three decades, she has taught quilting and other arts disciplines to all age groups. She has given workshops at conferences of the National Art Education Association, quilt guilds and smaller quilt groups, and community organizations. She combines her fine teaching skills with her understanding of people to inspire joy and creativity in her classes. When participants learn new quilting techniques and are able to put their personal mark to it, a magical moment occurs.

Madi is the author of two books: Quilt Pattern Gift Labels (Dover) and One Stitch Stitchery (Sterling). She also has had articles and projects, in quilting and other crafts as well, appearing in numerous books and articles.

Madi has the ability to build a sense of community in her workshops so that all participants enjoy an enriching experience, leading to new connections and friendships. Her workshops are well-organized and include easy-to-follow worksheets as well as demonstrations. She enjoys sprinkling in informal quilting stories of her own and encourages students to share theirs as well. Her workshops are individually designed and developed to the needs of individuals and groups.

theme-based quiltTheme-Based Quilts

Madi has conducted many theme-based workshops for groups from young students to adults. Her workshop includes teaching how to select a theme and how to create an individual block to fit the theme. Specific piecing and appliqué techniques will be demonstrated. Fabric selection and overall color scheme will also be discussed. Constructing the top, including sashing and borders, will be taught as well. There will also be discussions and demonstrations on techniques to use for finishing the quilt.

Suggested themes: Literature Quilts, Our Heritage Quilts, Social-Issue Quilts.

landscape quiltLandscape Quilts : Painterly Techniques with Fabrics and Fusing

This workshop will demonstrate how to create original fabric landscapes using a fabric fusing technique. Students will learn a new way of creating quilts and wall hangings that will free them up from the use of patterns and block construction. A reference photo or artwork will be needed for inspiration. Madi will demonstrate her step-by-step process of constructing the fabric landscape, her fusing technique and her machine-quilting process.

challenge quiltChallenge Quilts

Madi has developed a keen eye for selecting a challenge fabric and directing a group to create individual wall-hangings using the selected fabric. This is a great project for quilt guilds and other groups. A variety of techniques will be demonstrated, based on the challenge fabric that is selected for the project.

Please email Madi for pricing and further information on workshop
formats and tailoring a workshop for you or your group.

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